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Welcome to Hong Ying Martial Arts Academy The Hague

Free Trial Class

You are most welcome in our school to take a FREE trial lesson.

Please feel free to bring someone for a free trial lesson at the Hong Ying Martial Arts Academy The Hague!

Let us know when you are coming!
Tel: 0623702270

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Because we want to share our knowledge with the whole world, we came with the idea to start up an E-learning program for people abroad! Learning Choy Li Fut Kung Fu is fantastic as it gives you everything you need!

Click here to subscribe to our E-learning program.

About Us

Hong Ying Martial Arts Academy The Hague is a traditional Kung Fu school in The Hague located in the Transvaal / Moerwijk area, also known as the 'Vegetable and Fruit neighborhood'.

Our mission is to share the Chinese culture, our knowledge and expertise with our students and thereby improve the quality of life through Martial Arts. We think it is important that you learn to defend yourself when it is inevitable. The sense of feeling secure is important to everyone. We can help you with this!!

At our school we offer you different aspects of Chinese Martial Arts which are inextricably linked to the culture and tradition of China. Kung Fu , Lion Dance , Sanda / Sanshou (also known as Chinese Kickboxing) et cetera. Detailed information on these topics can be found in the menu bar.


You are most welcome to visit the school and take a free trial lesson.


See you soon!

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