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What is Kung Fu:

Kung Fu is a Chinese Martial Art that is more than 1,500 years old and is still developing today. Kung Fu means "HARD WORK". By working hard you become better at what you do and you can acquire a skill. This applies to everything in life. That is why with Kung Fu we often speak of a way of life instead of a sport.


Kung Fu stands for the development of your physical body and mind. In today's society, we often experience constant stimuli that sometimes make it difficult for the human body to process all of this.

symptoms of this are often stress, hypersensitivity, getting angry quickly, impatience, fatigue, depression, etc. Kung Fu ensures that we can adapt to this busy way of life, by training. With Kung Fu we also want to make you more resilient and give you the feeling that you are safe and can defend if necessary. Kung Fu is all about discipline, persistence, consistency and being able to control your emotions. You practice this partly by 'doing'. By doing Kung Fu you build on all these facets. By training every week you build up discipline and create consistency in your daily life. You create regularity in your life which ensures clarity and peace of mind.


Kung Fu also has a spiritual side. We use different religions, philosohies, including Chan Buddhism also known as Zen Buddhism. Chan Buddhism comes from an Indian monk named Bodhidharma also known as Da Mo. He developed a series of exercises to help the Shaolin monks become physically stronger, mentally sharper and more at one with themselves and the world around them and thereby get rid of all life's worries. learning to be one with nature, understanding that life is constantly changing and knowing that worries are only temporary, gives you the opportunity to balance everything out very well and so that you get rid of all your worries. Acceptance is important and so is letting go. The constant change in life is reflected in the different exercises we do. The Kung fu movements are being performed in a repetitive way. During the implementation there is no further space to think about all your social concerns. Carrying out the movement itself and your mind on the here and now ensures that you are one with the environment in which you are. This will bring peace and tranquility. This is the way of Chan Buddhism.

What do we do at Kung Fu?


We teach you in a traditional way the different techniques that come with our Kung Fu style. Punches, kicks, throws, joint locks and training with weapons are all part of this. These techniques are performed individually or in a specific order.

The following aspects are also discussed during your training.

  • Agility

  • Condition

  • Power

  • Balance

  • Breathing

  • Self defense

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