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ABS Ademen, Bewegen, Strekken or 

Breathing, Moving, Stretching.

What is ABS?

ABS is a 1-hour workout that involves a lot of exercise to activate the body, improve your health and perhaps get rid of some extra pounds!


To breathe:

We use breathing exercises, Chinese call it Qi Gong.
Qi means "air" or "breathing" and Gong means "work". In short, Qi Gong means "air work" or "breath work".

During the exercises, extra attention will be paid to breathing correctly in order to remain relaxed.


To move:

You can think of endurance training and muscle strength training, this can be with or without attributes. Thanks to a mix of physiotherapy exercises and movements from Kung Fu and Tai Chi, getting fit is a fact.



Stretching is important for every age, because stretching says something about the true age of your body. Stiff muscles are seen as a blockage for yourself. By stretching you become loose and it feels like you can take on the whole world again!


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Contact us via the contact form on the right.


This lesson is open to both members and non-members. Check your subscription to see how many lessons you can take. Non-members have to pay a separate amount.


ABS costs € 30 for 4x per month.


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