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Choy Li Fut E-Learning Program



Hello and welcome to our school's E-learning platform! We offer you the opportunity to learn the beautiful system of Choy Li Fut by using our E-learning program. E-learning will result in faster improvement which helps you to get your Black Sash even faster! First of all let us say that an E-learning program can never be a substitute for a Sifu or Mentor. If you want to reach a high level in our system, then having regular contact with Sifu Tang is a must!

The advantages of our E-learning program are:

  • 24/7 access to knowledge anytime, anywhere!

  • Step by step!

  • Accessible to international students!

  • Detailed explanation!

  • No pressure!

  • Good to combine with your daily work!

  • Faster growth towards your next color sash!

Ranking System & Testing

We use a ranking system in the form of colored belts, also known as 'sash'. A test must be completed for each color of sash. This testing can be done online through 'video calling'. As soon as you start testing for the purple sash, this will have to be done in real-life. This is necessary to ensure that the things you've learned are correct and matches with the wishes of our previous masters and our quality. If you earn your red sash, you are allowed to teach under your Sifu's name and start your own franchise. Earning your Red Sash means your have become an 'Instructor' and are doing a really great job in becoming a 'Black Sash'. Testing for your Red Sash' and everything above that, needs to be performed not only by Sifu Tang but also in front of Tai-Sifu Mark Horton(Hong Ying).

How does it work?

  • Register on our website at 'Log In' or 'click here' (Your request will be confirmed after your online fee has been paid)

  • Login with your own email address and password.

  • Click on the relevant sub-page under the tab 'New: E-learning'.

  • Depending on what level you are, access will be granted to what you are entitled to.

  • If you go a level up after you did the test(by video call), your settings will be changed and you will have access to new learning material.

Hong Ying Martial Arts Academy The Hague wishes you lots of learning pleasure!

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