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Chi Kin Tang

Sifu / Teacher

Chi Kin started training at an early age with his Sifu Mark Horton (Hong Ying) in Leiden. To gain experience in the world of Kung Fu, his teacher took him to various international events / tournaments and meetings.


Since 2011, Chi Kin started teaching professionally in The Hague 'China Town' at the Hong Ying Twin Tigers School to gain more experience in full-time teaching.


In October 2015, Chi Kin finally opened his own school on Lau Mazirellaan 411 under the Hong Ying flag and is happy to teach here. His knowledge, skills and positive attitude makes it a pleasant experience for the students to come to his lessons and learn the beautiful system of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu.


Chi Kin is also a skilled physiotherapist and owner of Tang Physiotherapy and with this expertise he can guide you in a responsible manner in case of injuries and or other health problems .


Click here for more information to make an physiotherapy appointment!

After the opening of Hong Ying Martial Arts Academy The Hague in October 2015, Chi Kin still trains with his Sifu to develop to an even higher level. Sifu Tang is a qualified teacher to pass on the Choy Li Fut system on to the next generation students.

In recent years, Chi Kin has participated in several international tournaments, including the World Championships Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Hong Kong (2011 to 2014). Not all results / tournaments are included in the list below.

2010 'San Mo Hap' tournament in Hong Kong:

Advanced Handform: Gold / 1st place.

World Championships Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Hong Kong:
2011 World Cup: 4 categories 1x gold, 3x silver.
2012 World Cup: 6 categories 5x gold, 1x silver.
2013 World Cup: 6 categories 6x gold.
2014 World Cup: 5 categories 4x gold, 1x silver.

2014 Plum Blossom International Federation Tournament:

Sanda / Full Contact Sparring: Gold / 1st place.

Handform: Silver / 2nd place

Weaponform: Silver / 2nd place

Double Weaponform: Silver / 2nd place

Push Hands: Bronze / 3rd place.

2017 CangZhou Qunying International Guo Shu Cup 2017:

Advanced Southern Handform: Gold / 1st place.

Advanced Southern Short Weaponform: Gold / 1st place.

Grand Champion trophy southern style 2017.

2019 Tang Dynasty European championships:

Southern Hand Form: Gold / 1st place.

Short Weapon Form: Gold / 1st place.

Sifu Tang Chi Kin, Grandmaster DOC FAI WONG & Tai-Sifu Mark Horton HONG YING

European championships 'New Tang Dynasty'

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