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Hong Ying Tai-Sifu Mark Horton
Hong Ying International Association of Chinese Culture and Sports.

Hong Ying Tai-Sifu Mark Horton:


Tai-Sifu started training in Malaysia at the age of eight in 1969. He has been an active participant in all kinds of form and fighting competitions since the age of eleven. Tai-Sifu has been a six-fold open-weight Karate champion and a six-fold open-weight Kickboxing champion of Great Britain. When he was 22 years old, Tai-Sifu opened his first Kung Fu school in Chester, England in 1982. After many successes in the Martial Arts world, Tai-Sifu started coaching the National English team. After all this hustle and bustle, Tai-Sifu wanted his life a little less busy and moved to the Netherlands and ended up in the town of Leiden. There he eventually set up a new Hong Ying school. From then on, The Hong Ying school started to grow into a very large organization with different students from different countries. Currently, there are several schools in the following countries that are part of the Hong Ying Organization:


England 英國 Netherlands 荷蘭 Ireland 愛爾蘭 Hungary 匈牙利 Japan 日本 Wales 威爾士 India 印度


Tai-Sifu Mark Horton is currently devoting all his attention to maintaining and strengthening this organization and is currently traveling the various schools to pass on the art and to strengthen the schools. Beside this life task and passion, he continues to challenge himself by participating in various top competitions. For example, he successfully competed in 2004 with the first ever 'Traditional World Kung Fu Championships' organized by the Shaolin Temple (birthplace of Kung Fu) and International Chinese Wushu Federation. Tai-Sifu was part of the American Team, led by Grand Master Doc Fai Wong and also Sifu / teacher of Hong Ying Tai-Sifu.

From 2011-2014 he participated with several students in the World Championships Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Hong Kong. In 2017, Tai-Sifu set a new record of 8 gold medals and a tribute. It states that the Hong Ying Wuguan has been designated as an official school for the training of students to represent the Dutch Team during the Championships in Hong Kong.

Hong Ying International Association of Chinese Culture and Sports:


The organization has a ranking system and family structure that is used at every Hong Ying school. By means of this family structure, everyone knows knows his place. Someone who is in school longer is also called older Kung Fu sibling. The teacher is considered to be Kung Fu's father. It's important to have respect for each other. The Organization is there for everyone. By this we want to say that the organization functions as a self-regulating system, whereby we can use each other's goodness and knowledge. This makes our organization strong and ties us together. Every year, seminars and workshops are organized in which every Hong Ying member can participate. For example, we have our annual Summer Camp training week where students from all over the world come together to train with each other. The ranking system is used as a guideline within your teaching. We use  different colour sashes. To wear a higher sash you must pass an exam. Exams are taken several times a year and are announced in advance by the Sifu of the relevant school.

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