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Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing)

Sanda / Sanshou also known as Full Contact Chinese Kickboxing.


Sanda is a full-contact competition form that is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. China knows Sanda as we know K1 here in the West. Sanda attracts millions of TV viewers in China every week and is the SENSATION of the East.


During our training with each other there will never be fighting full force. We ONLY do this if we participate in competitions. We train together and not alone. We take each other into account and try not to harm each other. We don't call it training for nothing. This way we learn to respect each other and create a nice atmosphere.


What distinguishes Chinese Kickboxing from regular Kickboxing and Thai Boxing?


With Chinese Kickboxing:

  • All different styles of Kung Fu are allowed and you are allowed to sweep and throw the opponent. This already makes a big difference with other types of kick boxing.

  • The fight takes place on a raised platform with soft mats outside the ring.

  • The fight ends when a fighter ends up outside the ring or is thrown to the ground. Then both fighters get up again and the fight continues.

  • If a fighter has been thrown outside the ring twice in 1 round, this round is ready and the next round starts.

  • A match has 2 to 3 rounds. (This can differ per tournament)

What do you have to buy for the lessons?
  • Hand wrapping at least 3 m. per wrapping
  • Boxing gloves 10oz to 12oz.
  • Shorts
  • Protection gear (head, mouth, tok, shin / foot)

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