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Fees and Terms

Contribution kids per quarter (5 to 15 years)

Bronze €78.00 (€26.00 p/month) 1x a week

Copper €88.00 (€29.33 p/month) 2x a week

Silver €114.00(€38.00 p/month) 3x a week

E-Learning Program

€75.00 for one year.

Contribution adults per quarter (16+)

Bronze €103.00(€33.33 p/month) 1x a week

Silver €145.00(€48.33 p/month) 3x a week

Gold €175.00(€58.33p/month) 6x a week

Private lessons

€40.00 per hour per person



Every member of our school is required to be registered within the Hong Ying International Association.

This is an one time registration fee of €30,00 + the quaterly fee which is mentioned down below.

You pay by transferring the membership registration + contribution fee to the following bank account number:

NL79 ABNA 0809 5022 59 in name of Hong Ying Martial Arts Academy The Hague.

Do not forget to mention your first and last name and which contribution fee you are going to take.



Payment always goes quarterly unless you choose to pay every six months or year.

Quarter 1 is September - October - November

Quarter 2 is December - January - February

Quarter 3 is March - April - May

Quarter 4 is June - July - August.

If you start during a quarter that has already started, you pay the month in which you start and the possible remaining month(s) of that quarter.


  • When registering, the subscription costs and contribution fee must be paid before you or your child can participate in the next class.

  • The student will receive a registration form which have to be filled in, so that we can formally register the student into our administration.

  • Your contribution fee should always be transferred by bank before the 25th of the last month you paid for. 

  • If your contribution fee is not paid on time, you are not allowed to participate in any classes until you are up to date with your fees.

  • Absence of 3 months, without warning will lead to cancellation of your membership and contribution. 

  • Cancellation of your membership can only be done by email. After you have cancelled you membership you can still use your remaining classes. After that your membership will be expired.

  • Refund of your contribution is not possible. 

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