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Lion Dance & Music

Lion dance is a graceful dance / ritual in which two persons under a lioncostume show their skills accompanied by music. Lion dance has many forms and routines. The lion symbolizes good luck and prosperity and is often used at the opening of a company, during a wedding, spring festival, harvest festival and moon festival.

The most common routine is where the lion tries to eat a crop of lettuce and then spit it out again. The salad that is spat out is usually collected by the owner of the restaurant with a plate or bowl. This is then being used in making a dish, all for good luck and prosperity!

Learning lion dance takes a lot of time and concentration and is a lot of fun to do. First you will learn the basics, so that you can continue to learn the more difficult routines and movements. Music is also central to lion dancing. It uses a drum, cymbals and a gong. This must also be learned in lion dancing.

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